Meet the Rasberry's

I was a creative and imaginative child, soaking in all things musical and linguistic; however, was encouraged down a path of business and law so I would have a chance at a "real job." In 2015, I finally decided to pursue a creative skill that would also pay the bills and I fell in love with flowers. Not only has this venture brought me more in touch with myself by means of personal growth, but has given me insight into the intricacies of intelligent design by a loving God, and the opportunity to work with wonderfully genuine couples and fellow creatives who appreciate natural beauty. I now look upon the world in a new light, seeing the small speckles of colour on a leaf or appreciating flowers and foliage at each stage of their life - even dried can be as beautiful as when it is in full bloom.

The look on a brides' face when she sees her bouquet for the first time, the thank you notes, the emails of collections from incredible photographers with words of appreciation attached are some of the greatest rewards to be received when a little bit of yourself is put into each arrangement.

Residing in beautiful Vancouver Island, BC Steven and I can usually be found on a hike, exploring new local eateries and shops or beer tasting at a craft brewery.

For further fleur inquiries - contact us here. We can't wait to chat with you!

-Caitlin Rasberry